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I am very very disappointed with my interview for a recruiter position at Insight Global. I am a recent college grad having trouble finding a DECENT job/place to work, so when I was contacted by a recruiter on LinkedIn I jumped with joy for the opportunity.

Then I looked into them.... I still decided to do the interview, because practice is practice is practice but I definitely knew I didn’t want to work there. Basically, it’s a mindless job that requires no skills or talents and they PREY on recent grads who are the ones eager and willing to take anything, even if that means sitting at desk harassing people and recruiting people who are not fit for a job just to hit ‘numbers.’ During my interview, I met with two account Managers. The first was a girl, and she was the typical ‘I was in the top sorority back in college’ type of gal.

So that already annoyed me as she seemed ditzy and overly (fakely) excited to talk to me. So once I was done talking to her (mindless chatter, no talk about your qualities) I was met by another AM who was even worse than the girl. This Frat star came bursting through the doors, in an expensive *** suit that looked like he could barely afford It with gelled back Hair and a HUGE gold watch on his wrist. And even worse, he only talked about how much money you can make....

he talked about how the previous AM was making ‘gross amounts of money at such a young age’ and how he was striving to be like him. He did not care about the people he hired or his clients needs, he just cared about buying more ridiculously expensive suits. Not once did he bring how the company benefits others, how they help people out of work, blah blah, he only talked about himself and money. Gross.

Terrible human. And all he wanted me to do was keep asking questions!!! He was seeing if I could keep the conversation going with mindless chatter. (I guess I could bc then he said he wanted to me meet everyone in the office and see where and how they worked.

I agreed. Now this is where i go from “eh not for me” to “wow these are terrible money hungry individuals and I hate them.” We walk in and It is how you except a frat house to be. Everyone inside is super attractive and YOUNG (like 22-25 max) and they know It. You can practically see the guys egos pouring out of their ears when they stand up and the girls are prissy and are 100% judging you (especially if you’re a girl, like me).

Everyone had to stand up out of their seat yell my name and then line up to meet me. So now there’s this line of 30+ egocentric individuals all faking being interested in meeting you and It is super uncomfortable. So about half way through my line one girl looks at me and goes “nice to meet you gabriel....” I’m a girl and considering How they just yelled my name, they KNOW my name is not Gabriel and It is clearly a code word for something. So once she calls me Gabriel, EVERYONE after her starts calling me Gabriel, laughing, and walking back to their desk.....

then the AM (the girl who I met initially during my interview) at the end of the line goes “just ignore them, they are being ***”..... Like first, you are going to let your staff openly make fun of a potential employee and then tell me to just brush It off??? What the *** does Gabriel mean? Were They making fun of me, is a code word for ugly Or ‘we don’t like her’ or what???

What kind of ‘professional’ environment pokes fun of an interviewee?? I was extremely taken back by the comments and It definitely hurt my confidence as I had no idea why they started to do that. Anyways, It was a horrible experience and I not only got made fun of by 15+ 23year olds calling me a code word, but I.T was a disgusting money Hungry environment.

Being driven is one thing, but Working to JUST make money and desregsrding the actual duties of that company is another. They were all disgusting human beings who leeches off others, to bring no benefits to anyone but themselves by openly calling over 100 jobless Americans a day for a job you found for them that is a ‘perfect fit’ only to hit your quota in calls and never contacting them again is vile.

Product or Service Mentioned: Insight Global Recruiter Recruitment.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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LOL @ Eddie. Relax and go practice your start dance some more.

Damn people at IG get so butt hurt so quick. God forbid people provide legit feedback about their shady business practices.


The way you told that story seems like you'd have fit right in.Entitlement is unprofessional, as well. You think you're better than everyone, in the story.I wasn't there, so I'm a third party.This entire story is all about you faking an interview for practice, and how you were wasting everyone's time, as it is. How do you not see the same unprofessional behavior you're pulling, and expect perfection from a job that wasn't up to YOUR liking.If they were making fun of you, and Gabriel means something bad, I'm proud.You're a mean person.


Please post this on glassdoor dot com.

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