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Yesterday I went out to an interview with Insight Global their client was Penn Medicine one of the biggest hospitals in the Pennsylvania area. First of all I was 45 minutes late due to the fact that SEPTA Transportation Center neglected to inform many people that there had been a derailment so the schedule that I looked at said that my train would get there at 11:30 instead it got there at 12:09 I didn't arrive into Philadelphia not until 12:57 p.m.

so I should have rescheduled the interview all around but I decided to just keep going anyway it was very hot outside it was over a hundred degrees it was extremely humid and I have asthma so I wasn't feeling my greatest I had to walk a ways because Danny was trying to help me get to the building by the time I got there I'm hot sweaty but it didn't stop me some presenting myself professionally. Miss O'Brien begin chastising me the minute that she saw me she was telling me how to wear my jewelry to the interview she came off as a very young insecure high school student looking me up and down looking very disgusted in the face at this point I'm doing my best to smile but I felt very uncomfortable and very overwhelmed and discuss it because of the way I was being treated by Miss O'Brien I really couldn't function in the interview in front of the client because Miz O'Brien's whole demeanor was extremely shady I felt very embarrassed and I think that the owner of this company needs to know about Ms O'Brien I need a way to get in touch with him or her she doesn't deserve to be an account manager at all she was supposed to call me back today so that we can fix this issue she has not so there for I'm going to go hard she's going to know not to ever do that to nobody else ever again I felt very small when I left there my head was down and I don't feel down too often I'm a very giddy person very confident person Miss O'Brien is a young girl and she needs to work on her character in this business I have a very good reputation I'm hardly ever late to anything and I do not plan to have a bad reputation now because they want to say I was 45 minutes late over a Septa misunderstanding. Miss O'Brien i can take this to another level but im not. You stop assuming everyone is a bad person when you meet them and i saw you when you gave the client Penn Medicine the cutthroat signal i caught you.

You need to be fired. Because your not passionate at all maam.

Product or Service Mentioned: Insight Global Customer Service Representative Recruitment.

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You should pursue action. This girl sounds like she needs extra training.

to Anonymous #1538540

She does hunny I was gonna leave it alone after posting it in here but its still bothering me. I think I want to pursue action.

With the owner of this business I called her co worker. And explained the situation however

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