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Like many commenting here have stated, obtaining your managerial level references is a main objective. They then send your contacts LinkedIn invitations to grow their network.

Contacted one person and I did not even provide their contact information, so meeting a quota. Never heard back from the original girl, and the position they mentioned to me was not an open position as I know people in that company. Sometime later received another call from them but this time a different person with a different fake job. Did not call them back as it's a waste of time.

Again, another young person just out of college. I'm sure they sell your information as soon after I provided my information to the first person, I started getting many emails from different placement groups.

Looked up some of the names on the emails and could not find them online, so click-bait it seems. Overall a scam for your information.

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Insight Global should be investigated and then shut down if all these allegations are true. I just had a brush with them and I can say they are very deceptive and seem to not care at all about their level of deceit.

It is simply how they conduct business. It is systemic in the organization.

They seem like psychopaths. How can someone blatantly lie all day every day and not be a psychopath?


Everything you wrote is correct. Former and current recruiters have admitted to this practice on the internet, on various sites, many, many times. This is also the standard practice at a lot of other staffing agencies.

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