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they're mostly college graduates.. After having hired student staff and managed them.

I can tell you. They are immature at that age. The ones who aren't are the ones who go far. But the ones who are, are mediocre at best..

I got this sense from Insight Global when I went into their office and interviewed, two recruiters came in, one offering a position out of the blue in addition to the one I spoke about with the original recruiter over the phone. they were dressed like they were out of the 80s. I could tell they only have a bachelor's degree. 100% not qualified to recruit for data science roles.

I had a PhD, why am I wasting my time with them?

I actually did ask this during the interview because it was only a 10 minute interview, but their office is downtown dallas.. basically don't waste your time with this company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Insight Global Recruiter.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Like Aerotek, they hire fresh college graduates with no recruiting experience. For many, this is their first professional job or their first job, period.

Whatever you don't, don't share with them where you are interviewing or give them your references. They will use that information to gain new clients.

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