I have been trying to get a paycheck for sometime from insight and I keep getting the run around from Joe Madsen stating he put in a request it's been since April 24th I have been waiting to get paid and i also contacted their corporate office in Atlanta and they never answered. So now I am working with L & I to get my pay and may have to hire an attorney.

I don't reccommend them to anyone. If they call you hang up!

I never approached them they approached me after stalking monster.com and I would be aware that they will hire people before their paperwork is finished and if it doesn't pan out and you went to the job everyday they have no intention to pay for the time that you spent going to work. Time that could have been spent looking for a real job with real pay.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

I didn't like: Not getting paid.

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I’m glad I seen this. I got a call from the Cincinnati office and got hired with the client without ever meeting them or filling out 1 document.

I think I’ll stay away from this. Since when does a staffing agency hire you without the client’s say so?

That makes absolutely no sense at all.


This company hires inexperienced, straight-from-college, kids who's last job may have been at Chili's. If you read online employee reviews, many have reported working here is like being in a frat house.

They HAVE to pay you.

The Labor Board/Commission in your state will force them to get off their sophomoric backsides and pay you. I'd also file a complaint with the BBB and the Consumer Protection Division of your state's Attorney General's Office.

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