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Received a cold call from Insight saying I posted my resume online and they had a "client" very interested in me.

First, I retired 4 years ago after 36 years with the same company. Second, I never posted my resume online or used a head hunter in my entire working career.

So I decided to string this guy along... I asked him if he had my resume? He said yes so I asked him to read off my work history just to make sure it was still valid. No dates just the company names t make it easy for him.

Then he started getting vague saying he only had a listing of my resume not the actual body of it. He said I could email it to him so he could forward it to the interested company to speed things up.

I said to him... do you know how old I am? Silence on his part... I said I'm 64 and retired 4 years ago. I don't have a resume or every posted one on line so you are B**S*** artist.

He hung up on me.

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