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Had this recruiter call me, was mainly interested in getting my last position's manager's name which was from a large company, I refused to reveal. Right after the call she sends an email and asks for past references and also, also..

references of companies I'm currently interviewing with, so basically the recruiting manager from companies hiring directly, you see they can't just get that info online cause it's private, yet applicants that are a good fit have access to hr and managers contacts since they have to get in touch with them somehow for an interview. Why would i provide them that ?

SKETCHY. Recruiter continually interrupted me and seemed only interested in references, read other reviews, same thing, right after you provide that they don't bother with you again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Insight Global Recruiter.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Falls Church, Virginia, United States #1248059

This is 100%. Ive noticed the trend.


Tactics that many agencies use: 1. Post jobs that do not exist.

This is fatten up their resume database 2. Call you and say they have one more more potential jobs for you but first they need your references. False. There is no job for you, they just want to call your references and see if they can drum up some new accounts 3.

Ask you what other jobs have you applied to. They want that information so they can call those companies and see if they can submit candidates of their own..candidates that will now be competing against YOU 4. Ask you what your minimum wage would be but that they of course will always try to get your more. False!

Your minimum wage has now become your highest wage. The less they can pay you, the more $ they can skim off your contract 5. Say they will call you back if there is any "good news". Translation: if you've got the job or interview, you will hear back.

If not, they will never be available when you call them. 6. If you don't get the job after an interview, they say they will look for other work for you. Translation: you failed as far as they are concerned and you won't hear from them again.

7. if you got the job, they may tell you the employer says they can only pay 5% or so percent less.Translation: the hiring company already knew the agreed wage in the beginning. The staffing agency is simply trying to see if you will accept less money because less money for you means more for them.

Refuse the "less offer" and don't be surprised if the you hear back the employer quickly decides they can pay the original amount... there are more "tricks" but I think you get the idea.

Los Angeles, California, United States #1244417

While not illegal, this is highly unethical. You can read reviews on glassdoor, left by past and previous recruiters and do state they are required to obtain names, position titles and contact information of your past references.

They also try to find out where you are interviewing. This is because they then turn around and contact those managers and try to get them to engage in their company's recruiting services. In other words, they are less interested in placing you in a job and more interested in contacting your references to drum up business. I hung up on a recruiter (different company) who had worried my references incessantly, trying to get an appointment.

The recruiter had taken to calling me to see what new interviews I had had too! Very scummy!

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