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I received a call from a recruiter of Insight global after posting my resume to various places on the web, indicating that I was looking for new work. The recruiter seemed very friendly and told me that she had reviewed my resume and thought that my qualifications were a great match for a position that had just posted. She asked me a few questions and said that she wanted to do a quick skype interview the next morning, at which time she was going to present me with a short technical screening that the employer had requested.

Great, I was all set up, or so I thought. 15 minutes later... I get a call again from Insight Global, but this time from the recruiters manager. She was not polite at all, and very demanding. She DEMANDED (literally) that I explain to her why I thought I was a good fit for this position. Keep in mind THEY called ME about this job. So now I am expected to defend myself for a position I didn't even apply for. I told her the same things I told the initial recruiter, after which she said she needed to give me the technical screening. At this point I told her no, I was at work, and that I had already scheduled to do that screening during the skype call. She then said that I was required to submit 2 professional references, which HAD TO BE my current and previous managers. I flat out told them they were not getting this information, I was not letting my current management know that I was looking for a new job, that make no sense and I have no idea who would agree to this. The manager became upset with me and I had to end the call because it was becoming very unproductive.

After this unprofessional ordeal, I did follow up with the original recruiter the next morning to do the scheduled face to face and technical screening. I went through all the motions and answered all of their technical question to their satisfaction, at which time the recruiter was again very excited and stated that I was a great candidate for this position. Afterwards, the recruiter brought the same rude manger from the previous day into the call. Her face clearly demonstrating dissatisfaction, she reluctantly said "we are prepared to submit you as a candidate". Funny how the "requirement" for my previous managers contact information suddenly wasn't a requirement at all. She asked me about salary requirements, which I gave to her and she AGREED to. She advised that I would have to fill out a non compete contract, which I agreed to.

After the call was over, the recruiter forwarded the non compete contract to me. After reviewing it I noticed that it hadn't been filled out at all. There were just blank spaces where the contracting company (Insight Global), job position # and title, and candidate name were supposed to be pre form filled.

I responded to the e-mail asking if they could send me a corrected form, and that was it. They never responded. I sent another follow up e-mail and called. Nothing.

I write this situation off and weeks go by. All of the sudden I get a phone call from a completely different Insight recruiter telling me she found my resume and that I would be a great fit for a position. Half way into her description of the position, I stopped and asked her if it was for "x" company and she stopped almost shocked and said yes. I told her someone else from Insight Global had contacted me weeks back and that I had already done their pre screening, and that they just stopped responding to me.

After telling the new recruiter all of this, she looked and found my profile in their system but couldn't explain what happened. She put me on hold and low and behold, 5 minutes later the same rude manager got back on the phone to talk to me. She explained that it was a "miscommunication", but didn't go into any greater detail than that. I am honestly not sure how a "miscommunication" leads to a total communications black out, but I guess that just goes hand in hand at how unprofessional this company is.

Despite all of this issues I have had up to this point, the manager advises that she will submit me (again) and I agree. Just to make sure, I asked her to clarify the details of our last conversation, particularly the salary. I am glad I did, because (somehow) it was significantly lower than what we had agreed on previously. I told her that was unacceptable and that she needed to submit me with the amount we had previously AGREED on. She acted as though I was being unreasonable but said that "she would see what she could do".

This time they send me a correctly filled out form, which I sign and send back to them. Then I get another call asking me to be more specific on my resume and provide them additional detail. Keep in mind, this is AFTER they have already submitted me to this job, twice. You would think as a recruiter that by now you would have asked me for all of the information you needed.

At this point, I was done with them. The job was a contract to hire position, with the contracting being done with Insight Global, and there is no way I am going to let a disorganized company like that sign my pay checks, nor do I believe a word they say.

Stay far away from this company and look for direct hire opportunities, they are not here to help you, they just want to make some money at your expense. DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY INFORMATION.

Product or Service Mentioned: Insight Global Recruiter.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Hold the recruiters and their management accountable for driving away a candidate. (In other words, causing you to lose business).

I didn't like: Unprofessional, Lack of communication, Disorganized, Untrustworthy.

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