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They contacted me non-stop to arrange an interview about a position and over the course of several months, I got calls from the same person about the EXACT SAME POSITION, hmm!! I finally arranged a meeting at their office and met with two people one appeared to be in training.

During the meeting, one persons made an off handed remark about job hopping due to the fact that I had done several consulting jobs, which I felt offended by and thought was very unfair but I decided not to let it get to me and chose instead to continue to focus on the task at hand. Later that day, I followed up with a nice thank you note and by the end of same day they had checked my references; so I felt really elated and thought great things are moving forward. So far so good. But then radio silence, I knew it was not my references...

hmm!! but what?. Anyway, a couple days later, I got a call from a person from the same office about the "same imaginary position" and I initially thought that this new person was working in tandem with the others I had met with but when a week later the new person followed up again and invited me to come into their office that same day to meet, that is when I really became confused. I explained that my schedule did not permit me to meet that day but I was open to meeting AGAIN another day but then things got strange because the person's tone changed (voice inflection) and I got the sense that the person was not pleased at all with my response.

I guess my schedule was supposed to be whatever they wanted it to be, hmm!! I also asked why the need to meet and was told that they need to make sure candidates are suitable to present to clients. Fair enough but I explained that I was just in your office and met with two of your recruiters for the same "SUPPOSED" role, and asked "could you speak with them to get feedback on my appearance and how I presented myself and the outcome of my reference check, etc"? I went on to reiterate that I had only met with the others in their office a little over a week ago?

Anyway, my impression of this whole fiasco is that they are completely disorganized and cross communication is either non-existent or does not flow well there. After I explained that I could not meet the same day as I had other commitments, the person stated that they would check their schedule and get back with me but I waited and never got a call back. That same day, I also placed a call to the initial person I had met with to get a sense of what was really happening there and to also gain some insight and feedback about my candidacy, etc but was told by the front dest that the person was on the phone and would call me back immediately after their call ended. However, I never received a call from the person either.

Needless to say, I have a very bad taste in my mouth over the entire experience.

I feel their attitude and behavior leaves much to be desired and also feel that they appear to operate with a careless disregard for people and other's time. These are the same people that are supposed to be examples of professionalism and yet they are the ones that are behaving in such horrible ways and with a blatant disregard for others.

Product or Service Mentioned: Insight Global Recruitment.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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My recruiter told me to call her after my interview and the girl at the front desk told me the exact same thing- that my recruiter was on the phone and would call me back, but I never got the call. Beyond that they were rushed and did not seem interested in the interview at all, they just wanted to talk about the bar crawl that all the employees were going on that weekend. Very unprofessional and incompetent.


They're a truly SCAM-artist agents/rep., they will call you for a job and then they don't follow up. Then next day I got an email letting me know I have an interview with this company.

Then she said as soon I'm in the parking lot call her Manager/rep. to confirm upon my arrival.

Well when I got there, immediately I called her manager, but the manager said that she doesn't have anyone scheduled interview for that day. So I was totally pissed and yelled at her and I emailed her back w/ such a profanity.


Bad,Bad,company,unprofessional people liar old time also have face to face interview with lot promise lot email for job this still a big scammer company oaa!!!!!!! company ahahahahahahhaa

Redwood City, California, United States #1338142

I had a similar experience with this company. The account manager was unprofessional during the process and they called me repeatedly to come in for a face to face interview.

They would sometimes call me 3-5 back to back daily which came off desperate. My recommendation to the company is to invest more time into to training the staff to prepare them to talk to professionals that are looking for work.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #1337344

About the same thing with me. They asked for references almost immediately during a telephone interview.

The called my refs pitching their placement services. The 2 positions I was ideally suited for "went in another direction" within 2 days of the initial call.

If you deal with these people, hold back references until an offer is close from the prospective employer. My guess is you won't get anywhere with them if you don't provide references right away.

Like you, I didn't see anyone in the office over 25.

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #1333750

Check with your references. I guarantee you they will tell you the Insight Global rep hit them up with a sales speech.

That's why they checked your references: they use applicant references to gain new clients. Your references have now been added to a database and will continue to receive sales calls from IG!

Just read current and former IG employee reviews on Glassdoor. They tell you all about it!

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